final days of goldust pop up…

wow. what a gorgeous day!
we will be at 220 salon through tomorrow, saturday march 20, from 12 – 7pm…ride your bike over!
goldust pop up
220 salon
213 sw ash st. suite 211
refreshments will be served…
happy spring everyone!


2 Responses to “final days of goldust pop up…”

  1. edubble Says:

    Love your blog!! Do you have any animal print shoes… I keep seeing them in magazines and would love to know your favorite styles… Thank you!

  2. heartbb Says:

    Thanks, I don’t have any animal prints at the moment… but am keeping my eye out for the perfect ones to carry at goldust – I’m currently (and have been) into jazz flats and oxfords, they’re coming out in all shapes and colors and can be very feminine, and of course, practical…I would love to find some cute animal print oxfords for the shop…maybe some super flat cheetah creepers with a monk buckle…I could go on and on. Simplicity and timeless elegance are also what I’m craving at the moment…in all things.

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